FGM Produtos Odontologicos Ltda

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  • Av.Edgard Nelson Meistler.474 89219-501 Joinvile,SC, Brazil
  • Av. Edgar Nelson Meister 474 89219-501 Joinville SC, Brazil
Company Description:
FGM was founded in 1993, in the State of Santa Catarina, in the South Region of Brazil. FGM Produtos Odontologicos reached very fast the national leadership in the production of dental whiteners. Today, it detains more than 85% of the Brazilian market, with its mix of 50 products for applications that starts from teeth whitening to the finishing and polishing of composites, acid etchers, asepsis solutions, desensitizers, and fluoridated varnish, fiber glass post among other products. After our internationalization we intend to amplify the presence of its brand in other countries, transforming it into a global quality reference. Associations with customers, suppliers, universities, clinics and odontology students, in parallel to an intensive basis work to disseminate the new techniques and the benefits of its products next to the professionals in the area, guarantees the fast projection of FGM, that is recognized by the constant investments in technology and innovation.

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Maicon Pereira - Export Manager