Esteriplas, Produtos Para a Area da Saude, Lda.

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Address: Rua 1? Maio n? 125, Zona Industrial do Roligo, Lote 3, Espargo, Apt. 3000 4520-115 Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, Portugal
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Established since 09 June 1988 with headoffice in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, Esteriplas has grown and shows a large experience in the development, manufacturing and distribution of a very wide range of hospital, laboratory, safety and hygienic products. Esteriplas has implemented a quality system which implies a continuous improvement , always focusing on pro-action. Esteriplas has a very well trained and orientated young staff, capable of responding to all customer's requirements with quality and assurence. Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilization is one of the services that can be utilised to suit almost all the specific needs within this area. Our devices are manufactured to accomplish with all the applicable rules and regulations, wich concerns the CE mark. With this politic we pretend to develop solutions that can satisfy our present and future market requirements.

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Gene Mutation Analyzer
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Liquid Germicide

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Dr. Alberto Oliveira
Dr. Paula Magalh?es
Marta Santos