Carci Ind e Com Apar Ort.Ltda

Business Type:Manufacturer, Supplier

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  • Rua Dr Siqueira Campos 246 Liberdade Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil
  • Rua Dr. Siqueira Campos, 246 01509-020 Sao Paulo, Brazil, Brazil
Company Description:
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Carci was established in 1966, and is the Brazilian Pioneer in the production and exportation of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation equipment. We supply solutions for Electrotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Thermotherapy, Couchs, Mechanotherapy, Mobility Products and CPM (Continuos Passive Moviment). Carci is specialized in high quality equipment, and has ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE Mark (T?V Rheinland) certification for: factory, Electrotherapy and hydrotherapy line. Carci export to more than 35 countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Midle East. In Brazil we represent very important companies as Biodex Medical, Neurocom, Enraf-Nonius and Qualisys.

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This company may also be called as:

  • Carci Ind e Com de Aparelhos Cirurgicos e Ortopedicos Ltda