Gynecology & Obstetrics - Medical Devices in China

Medical Equipment Categories
Syringe (993)
Syringe is often used to administer injections, insert intravenous drugs into the bloodstream, apply compounds such as glue or lubricant, and measure liquids.
Gown (167)
Disposable medical gown that is worn once then thrown away.
Ultrasound, Diagnostic (152)
Ultrasound, Diagnostic
Ultrasonic imaging and measurement systems.
Infant Incubator (129)
Infant Incubator
Infant and newborn incubators.
Fetal Monitor (117)
Fetal Monitor
Monitor that measures, records, and/or shows fetal heart rate and uterine contractions.
Shoe Cover (115)
Shoe Cover
Cover that fits over healthcare personnel's footwear to keep shoes clean from dirt, grime, and other contaminants; to help keep operating rooms surgically-sterile; and to control infection.
Glove (96)
Glove used by healthcare workers during surgery.
Laser - CO2 (95)
Laser - CO2
Carbon dioxide lasers for use in general surgery and dermatology.
Cold/Hot Compresses (66)
Cold/Hot Compresses
Compresses or packs used to apply cold therapy to a specific surface on the body.
Stretcher (63)
Hospital stretchers for patient transportation within a healthcare facility, usually in a supine or prone position.
Skin Prep Razor (59)
Skin Prep Razor
Razor to remove hair from the skin to prepare the area for surgical or other procedures.
Vaginal Specula (49)
Vaginal Specula
Specula used to expand the vagina consisting of a mechanical instrument with two pivoted arms
Electrosurgical Unit (37)
Electrosurgical Unit
Monopolar and bipolar electrosurgical devices.
Scrub Suit (34)
Scrub Suit
A two-piece garment of lightweight cotton, worn by hospital staff especially when participating in surgery.
Hypodermic Syringe (33)
Hypodermic Syringe
Small-caliber plunger syringe that administers liquids through a hollow needle beneath the skin.
Safety Eyewear (17)
Safety Eyewear
Eyeglasses that guard the eyes from hazardous mechanical and/or light intensity/frequency conditions, improving user safety.
Ultrasonic Fetal Heart Detector (16)
Ultrasonic Fetal Heart Detector
Fetal heart detector that uses ultrasonic waves to give audible and/or visual information.
Instrument Tray (13)
Instrument Tray
Flat open container for carrying and storing sterile surgical instruments.
Intravenous Line Connector (12)
Intravenous Line Connector
Intravenous line connector that gives access to an IV infusion set or catheter port from a needleless mechanism.
Tissue Forceps (12)
Tissue Forceps
Forceps without teeth or with one or more small teeth at the end of each blade, designed for handling tissues with minimal trauma during surgery.
Surgical Stapler (10)
Surgical Stapler
Surgical staplers designed for delivery of double staggered rows of staples following a pattern. These staplers include a detachable head assembly, a firing handle, a locking spring, a staple housing, and trocars.
Ultrasound, Portable (9)
Ultrasound, Portable
Portable, small, and lightweight ultrasonic scanning systems of small superficial organs.
Intensive Care Ventilator (8)
Intensive Care Ventilator
Ventilator for use in critical care settings that most use positive pressure to administer gas to the lungs at normal breathing rates and tidal volumes through an endotracheal tube or tracheostomy.
Hair Clipper (8)
Hair Clipper
Scissor to cut hair above the skin surface.
Surgical Procedure Tray (8)
Surgical Procedure Tray
A tray designed to provide all the instruments and supplies needed for the physician to perform a specific medical procedure.
Hysteroscope (7)
Stiff or pliable endoscope for direct insertion through the canal of the uterine cervix into the uterus cavity for visual examination, biopsy, and treatment of lesions of the interior of the cervix and the cavity of the uterus.
Cradle Bed (7)
Cradle Bed
Immobile bed that looks like a baby cradle to protect the patient.
Resectoscope (6)
Endoscope used to remove or conduct biopsy of lesions.
Endoscopic Light Source (6)
Endoscopic Light Source
Fiberoptic light source that can be connected through a pliable fiberoptic cable to a stiff endoscope.
Video Endoscopy (5)
Video Endoscopy
A video system used during endoscopic procedures.
Urethroscope (5)
Endoscope for direct insertion into the urinary tract for visual checks, biopsy, extraction or crushing of stones, and treatment of lesions of the urethra.
Return Electrode Monitor (5)
Return Electrode Monitor
Designed to assess the electrical impedance in the return path from the patient to the electrical generator.
Infant Scales (5)
Infant Scales
Scales designed to weigh infants that are either mechanical or electronic.
Operating Tabletop (5)
Operating Tabletop
Detachable tabletop for use as a component of surgical tables when used with common pedestals.
Operating Microscope Video Image Processor (5)
Operating Microscope Video Image Processor
Video image processor that takes and processes electronic images from an operating microscope and send the images to peripheral devices such as video monitors, VCRs, still-disk recorders, and video printers.
Intravenous Pole (5)
Intravenous Pole
Slender stand to suspend containers of liquid for intravenous delivery to patients.
Sharps Disposal Unit (5)
Sharps Disposal Unit
Puncture-resistant container used to dispose sharp objects used in medical treatment and procedures.
Fiberoptic Laser Delivery System (5)
Fiberoptic Laser Delivery System
Laser delivery system consisting of optic fibers used to deliver laser energy of visible and near-infrared wavelengths.
Hemofiltration Devices & Accessories (5)
Hemofiltration Devices & Accessories
Devices used for autotransfusion, to collects blood lost by a patient for subsequent reinfusion into the same patient without processing.
Smoke Evacuation System (5)
Smoke Evacuation System
Surgical smoke evacuation system that combines all functional elements in a single, transportable stand-alone unit.
Cryosurgical Unit (4)
Cryosurgical Unit
Cryosurgical units for general and ophthalmic use, which cause target tissue freezing.
Laparoscope (4)
Endoscopes for observation and treatment ( e.g. percutaneous insertion through abdominal wall).
Argon Coagulator (4)
Argon Coagulator
Electrosurgical units capable of delivering argon gas for coagulation purposes.
Laser - Nd:YAG (4)
Laser - Nd:YAG
Surgical Nd:YAG lasers for laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures.
Infant Warmer (4)
Infant Warmer
Radiant heat warming units for infants and newborns.
Endoscope Light Source (4)
Endoscope Light Source
Fiberoptic light sources for endoscopes.
Laser - Diode (4)
Laser - Diode
Diode lasers for photodynamic therapy, cutting, vaporizing and coagulating tissues.
Colposcope (4)
Colposcope speculas for gynecological examinations.
High Resolution Medical Video Monitor (4)
High Resolution Medical Video Monitor
High resolution monitors intended for use with various medical imaging techniques.
Gynecologic Resectoscope (4)
Gynecologic Resectoscope
Resectoscope used for collection or biopsy of lesions of the female genital tract they usually include electric cautery and coagulating capabilities.
Hot/Cold Water Bottle (4)
Hot/Cold Water Bottle
Pliable container filled with hot or cold water and put on the body to administer dry heat or cold therapy to a specific area of the body.
Patient Transfer Stretcher (4)
Patient Transfer Stretcher
Mobile hospital stretcher that allows hospital personnel to atraumatically move a patient without altering the patients body position or lifting, rolling, or dragging them.
Asset Tracking System (4)
Asset Tracking System
Security system to identify, track, monitor, and find assets within a healthcare facility.
Laparoscopic Forceps (4)
Laparoscopic Forceps
Surgical forceps that hold and manipulate during laparoscopic procedures.
Laser - YAG (3)
Laser - YAG
Solid-state Ho:YAG lasers with the doping element HO.
Insufflator (3)
An apparatus used to blow air or gas into a body cavity.
Manual Exam Table (3)
Manual Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height/position adjustments.
Biofeedback System for Urinary Incontinence Control (3)
Biofeedback System for Urinary Incontinence Control
An EMG based biofeedback system which enables the patient to exercise the urinary sphincters in order to maintain better control.
Laser - Ho:YAG (3)
Laser - Ho:YAG
Solid-state laser that has a rod of yttrium-aluminum-garnet crystal doped with holmium as the active medium.
Ultrasonic Scanning Data Processor (3)
Ultrasonic Scanning Data Processor
Data processor designed to take and process digital data collected from ultrasonic scanning systems.
Sanitary Pads (3)
Sanitary Pads
An absorbent item worn by a woman while she is menstruating, recovering from vaginal surgery, for lochia ,abortion, or any other situation where it is necessary to absorb a flow of blood from a woman's vagina.
Patient Identification and Security System (3)
Patient Identification and Security System
Identification, tracking, and security system for patient care or staff location within a healthcare facility and to follow entry into and exit from the facility.
Laser Safety Eyewear (3)
Laser Safety Eyewear
Protective device used during laser procedures containing filter glass that provides adequate visual transmission with high optical density for the specified laser wavelength with which they will be used.
Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter (3)
Ultrasonic Doppler Flowmeter
An ultrasonic flowmeter is a volumetric flow meter which requires particulates or bubbles in the flow.
Nerve Fiber Ablation System (3)
Nerve Fiber Ablation System
Radio-frequency therapy system used for selective excision of nerve pain fibers.
Cryotherapy/Compression Unit (3)
Cryotherapy/Compression Unit
Device that uses a compression cuff wrapped around an articulation with either a cold gas or liquid source.
Electrosurgical Unit Adapter (3)
Electrosurgical Unit Adapter
Adapter that applies cables from a different manufacturer or model to an electrosurgical unit.
Microscope, Operating (2)
Microscope, Operating
Operating microscopes for high magnification in surgery.
Blood Warmer (2)
Blood Warmer
Warming unit for in-line heating of banked blood, blood products, and intravenous solutions from about 4 degrees Celsius to near body temperature before infusion.
Ultrasonic Fetal Monitor (2)
Ultrasonic Fetal Monitor
Ultrasonic fetal heart detectors.
PACS (2)
PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) for collecting, storing and retrieving patient images and data.
Birthing Bed (2)
Birthing Bed
An adjustable bed allowing more natural delivery positions at birthing.
Gynecology Endoscope (2)
Gynecology Endoscope
Endoscopes intended for insertion through vagina into peritoneal cavity.
Video Colposcope (2)
Video Colposcope
A video system used during coloscopy procedures.
Ultrasonic Probes for PC (2)
Ultrasonic Probes for PC
Ultrasonic transducers with compact build transmitting and receiving system plugged into USB port for acquisition, processing and displaying ultrasonic images.
Light Source (2)
Light Source
A visible light lamp, driven by a controllable electrical power source. Usually coupled to a flexible fiber optic which delivers the light beam on its opposite end to illuminate various sites of the body.
Spatula (2)
Instrument that is used to remove cells or tissues from a surface or cavity, spread materials on a surface, or mix them.
Endoscopic Telescope (2)
Endoscopic Telescope
The viewing part of an endoscope or laparoscope that allows the observation of internal tissues and/or organs of the human body that normally are inaccessible through natural canals, body cavities, or surgical orifices.
Biopsy Gun (2)
Biopsy Gun
Biopsy gun is used to automatically extract core tissue samples from an anatomic structure (normally an organ or a suspected tumor).
Electrothermal Cautery Probe (2)
Electrothermal Cautery Probe
Electrothermal cautery probe whose heating part is encased in a probe cover.
Vaginal Retractor (2)
Vaginal Retractor
Instrument that exposes the vagina by separating the edges of the vagina and holding back the tissue
Neonatal Ventilator (2)
Neonatal Ventilator
Intensive care ventilator for neonatal and/or pediatric respiratory support.
Bar-Coded Information System (2)
Bar-Coded Information System
Data management information system based in codes made up of a group of printed and variously patterned bars and spaces.
Bar-Code Medication Administration (BCMA) System (2)
Bar-Code Medication Administration (BCMA) System
Bar-coded information system that builds safeguards in medicine administration by confirming at the point of care that administered medications suit the provider orders.
Microscope Video System (2)
Microscope Video System
Video system that displays images from a microscope in a video monitor or video printer.
Patient Cooling Unit (2)
Patient Cooling Unit
Cooling unit that regulates a patient's temperature by eliminating heat.
Medicine Cabinet (2)
Medicine Cabinet
Healthcare cabinet that stores medicines and other frequently used, disposable products.
Waveguide Laser Delivery System (2)
Waveguide Laser Delivery System
Laser delivery system constructed of rigid hollow tubes used to deliver laser energy from the laser source to the tissue
Infant Blanket (2)
Infant Blanket
Blanket of suitable dimensions and material for infants.
Endoscopic Morcellator (2)
Endoscopic Morcellator
Morcellator is a system that performs morcellation through an endoscope in minimally invasive surgery.
Surgical Apron (2)
Surgical Apron
Apron worn to protect clothing during surgery.
Voltage Transformer (2)
Voltage Transformer
An instrument whose primary winding is connected in parallel with a circuit in which the voltage is to be measured or controlled.
Endoscopic Needle Holder (2)
Endoscopic Needle Holder
Needle holder that sutures through an endoscope, cannula, sleeve, or other appropriate device during minimally invasive surgical procedures.
Uterine Aspirator (1)
Uterine Aspirator
Uterine suction device, also used for terminating early pregnancies.
Obstetrical Data Management System (1)
Obstetrical Data Management System
Data management information system that gives clinical and administrative information associated with maternal and fetal status during pregnancy.
Infant Scale (1)
Infant Scale
Mechanical or electronic infant scales.
Power Exam Table (1)
Power Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height and position adjustments.
Neonatal Resuscitation Unit (1)
Neonatal Resuscitation Unit
Those devices compose of an open infant incubator, an infant warmer and in some models an infant vital signs monitoring. Allows easy access to the infant which helps with fast and efficient activities needed for resuscitation.
Gynecology Chair (1)
Gynecology Chair
A chair used for gynecological inspections.
Hospital Beds (1)
Hospital Beds
Various types of Electric and Manual beds, Delivery beds, Pediatric beds and Stretchers.
Imaging Table (1)
Imaging Table
Suitable table for performing patient imaging procedures.
Endoscopic Teaching Attachments (1)
Endoscopic Teaching Attachments
Devices used alongside the eyepiece of a fiberoptic endoscope to send images of the endoscopic procedure to a second eyepiece.
Aspirator/Irrigator (1)
Equipment used for automated or semiautomated aspiration and irrigation of body cavities or other body areas.
Intrauterine Cannulae (1)
Intrauterine Cannulae
Cannulae desgined to be inserted into the uterus.
Cervical Dilator (1)
Cervical Dilator
Surgical instruments designed to induce uterine dilation.
Semen Filtration System (1)
Semen Filtration System
System with a filter that separates different component of semen for use in intrauterine insemination and assisted reproduction techniques
Endometrial Hydrothermal Ablation System (1)
Endometrial Hydrothermal Ablation System
Hydrothermal ablation system used to produce coagulation necrosis in the inner mucous membrane of the uterus by circulating a hot-water solution during several minutes either directly within the uterus or in a flexible container placed inside the uterus.
In Vitro Fertilization Instrumentation (1)
In Vitro Fertilization Instrumentation
The tools needed to perform In Vitro Fertilization.
Laparoscope Holders (1)
Laparoscope Holders
A device for clamping a medical instrument includes a pair of gripping arms to allow manipulation.
Electric Birthing Bed (1)
Electric Birthing Bed
Electric bed that allows a women to hold more natural delivery positions and reduce the associated discomfort and risks during birthing.
Umbilical Ligator (1)
Umbilical Ligator
A hand-held instrument used to clamp on the umbilical cord and occlude blood flow in order to cut it.
Hysterectomy Scissors (1)
Hysterectomy Scissors
Uterine surgery scissors that cut the parametria.
Gynecologic Table (1)
Gynecologic Table
Alterable examination/treatment table that typically includes knee crutches, traction handles and heel stirrups.
Newborn Camera (1)
Newborn Camera
A camera that records newborn babies at medical facilities for identification purposes.
Operating Table Pedestal (1)
Operating Table Pedestal
Pedestal is a common component of surgical table. It is attached to one of several different interchangeable tabletops according to the surgical procedure being performed.
Multi-Specialty Operating Tabletop (1)
Multi-Specialty Operating Tabletop
Detachable tabletop that is a component of surgical table that may be suited for several different procedures
Blanket Warmer (1)
Blanket Warmer
Warming unit for heating blankets.
Multipurpose Warmer (1)
Multipurpose Warmer
Warming unit in multiple configurations and with a wide variety of accessories according to the intended device, material, or solution to be heated.
Papanicolaou Slide Screening System (1)
Papanicolaou Slide Screening System
Computer-assisted detection system that evaluates digital data from Papanicolaou smear pathology slides taken from samples of cells of the female genital tract to find abnormalities.
Digital Mammography Workstation (1)
Digital Mammography Workstation
Digital radiography workstation that processes digital data and images taken by mammography units and systems.
Bassinet (1)
Small bed with low sides especially for very young infants.
Sitz Bath (1)
Sitz Bath
Tub filled with water that is used in external hydrotherapy to alleviate pain or pruritis and to speed up the healing of inflamed or traumatized tissues of the perineal and perineal areas.
Medicine Storage Cabinet (1)
Medicine Storage Cabinet
Cabinet that holds medicines and toiletries.
Patient Transfer Aids (1)
Patient Transfer Aids
Aids that make transfering a diabled person simpler that require partial or total assistance when going to or from a bed, stretcher, operating table, wheelchair, or other location.
Interstitial Hyperthermia System (1)
Interstitial Hyperthermia System
Hyperthermia ultrasound therapy system used to heat deep-seated tumors.
Brachytherapy Needle (1)
Brachytherapy Needle
Needle for precise placement of small radioactive sources directly into tissues.
Newborn Auditory Function Screening Device (1)
Newborn Auditory Function Screening Device
Auditory function screening device identifies hearing loss in new borns.
Image-Guided Stereotactic System Software (1)
Image-Guided Stereotactic System Software
Stereotactic system software that performs image guided, computer-assisted biopsy systems and control/monitor their functions.
Surgical Spatula (1)
Surgical Spatula
Spatula that manipulates and/or seperates tissues during surgical procedures.
Drug Delivery Iontophoresis Unit (1)
Drug Delivery Iontophoresis Unit
Device for minimum-access treatment of diseases by introduction of soluble drug ions into the body through an electric current.
Surgical Scrub Brush (1)
Surgical Scrub Brush
Cleaning brush for personal hand scrubbing, including the fingers, nails, and the forearms before surgical or other healthcare procedures for which a high degree of personal hygiene is required.
Fiberoptic Retractor (1)
Fiberoptic Retractor
Retractor suited with a fiberoptic light source that is used to give light to surgical site.
Binocular Loupe (1)
Binocular Loupe
Loupe that is worn close to the practitioner's eyes to give stereo-optic visual magnification of the patient during medical examinations or procedures.
Breast Aspirator (1)
Breast Aspirator
Aspirator that take milk from the breast of breastfeeding mothers by vacuum suction.
Needleless Injector (1)
Needleless Injector
A device that delivers a tiny, high-pressure jet of medicine through the skin without the use of a hypodermic needle.
Bone Caliper (1)
Bone Caliper
Surgical caliper that measures the dimension of bones and/or eminences on bones during surgical procedures.
Urethral Sound (1)
Urethral Sound
A device is designed to be inserted into the male or female urethra, for the purpose of stretching or unblocking a stricture.