Clinical Engineering - Medical Devices in China

Medical Equipment Categories
Hypodermic Syringe (33)
Hypodermic Syringe
Small-caliber plunger syringe that administers liquids through a hollow needle beneath the skin.
Safety Eyewear (17)
Safety Eyewear
Eyeglasses that guard the eyes from hazardous mechanical and/or light intensity/frequency conditions, improving user safety.
Air/Nitrogen Pressure Controller (13)
Air/Nitrogen Pressure Controller
Controller used to regulate high-pressure output of air and/or nitrogen gas lines from a single point.
pH Meter/Monitor (8)
pH Meter/Monitor
A pH meter is an electronic instrument used to measure and monitor the pH of a liquid.
Laboratory Thermometer (6)
Laboratory Thermometer
Thermometer desinged to measures temperatures in clinical laboratory equipment.
Return Electrode Monitor (5)
Return Electrode Monitor
Designed to assess the electrical impedance in the return path from the patient to the electrical generator.
Training Manikin (4)
Training Manikin
Anatomically correct model of the human body or parts for medical training.
Pacemaker Tester (4)
Pacemaker Tester
Tester that assesses the performance of implantable pacemakers; they are typically intended to measure, evaluate, display, and/or record a set of pacemaker parameters and/or visual waveforms, such as amplitude, pulse rate, and pulse width of the pacing current signal.
ECG Tester (4)
ECG Tester
Device which generates electrical signals that simulate human ECG. This signal is used to check the proper response of ECG recorders and monitors.
Electrical Conductivity Meter (4)
Electrical Conductivity Meter
Measuring instrument that measures electrical conductivity, a measure of the capability to conduct electric charges when a voltage is applied.
External Pacemaker Analyzer (4)
External Pacemaker Analyzer
Designed to assess the performance of external pacemakers that use invasive or noninvasive electrodes.
Storage Cabinet (4)
Storage Cabinet
Cabinet for storing various products at a healthcare facility.
Nuclear Medicine Phantom (3)
Nuclear Medicine Phantom
Phantoms for nuclear medicine.
Vacuum Pump (3)
Vacuum Pump
Electrical pumps in various output capacities and various vacuum pressure ranges.
Human Anatomy Model (3)
Human Anatomy Model
Human Anatomy Models for teaching and training purposes, as well as patient education.
NIBP Simulator (3)
NIBP Simulator
Simulator that mimics the pressure variations of noninvasive arterial blood pressure monitoring or measuring devices cuffs when placed on a patient's arm.
Radiation Dosimeter (3)
Radiation Dosimeter
A radiation dosimeter is a device that measures and calculates the absorbtion of ionizing radiation in matter and tissue.
Air Sampler (3)
Air Sampler
Device that used to obtain air samples.
ECG Simulator (3)
ECG Simulator
Cardiac simulator that mimics the electrical signals of the normal sinus rhythms of the heart.
Air Syringe (3)
Air Syringe
Syringe that delivers air from a pressurized air tank.
Laser Safety Eyewear (3)
Laser Safety Eyewear
Protective device used during laser procedures containing filter glass that provides adequate visual transmission with high optical density for the specified laser wavelength with which they will be used.
Intraoperative Pacemaker Tester (3)
Intraoperative Pacemaker Tester
Implantable cardiac pacemaker tester that calculates the minimum electrical stimulus that causes a ventricular contraction and the minimum intracardiac signal amplitude to impede the pacemaker.
Mammographic Phantom (2)
Mammographic Phantom
Phantoms for mammography.
Radiotherapy Phantom (2)
Radiotherapy Phantom
Phantoms for radiotherapy.
Radiographic Phantom (2)
Radiographic Phantom
Phantoms for radiography.
CT Phantom (2)
CT Phantom
Phantoms for CT simulation and testing.
Radiofrequency Filter (2)
Radiofrequency Filter
A radiofrequency filter is a device that is used to allow or stop selected frequencies, or is used to filter out any unwanted signals.
Regulated Power Supply (2)
Regulated Power Supply
Power supplies that receives alternating-energy current from a power line and deliver one or more regulated direct-current outputs.
Laser Radiometer (2)
Laser Radiometer
Device that measures the radiant flux of a laser beam within a predefined spectral range.
Strain Gauge (2)
Strain Gauge
A strain gauge is a device used to measure the strain of an object.
Dialysate Conductivity Meter (2)
Dialysate Conductivity Meter
Electric conductivity meter that measures and displays the electric conductivity of a solution administered to a dialyzer.
Data Recorder (2)
Data Recorder
Electronic storage recorder for archiving analog or digital electronic data information.
Supplies Boom (1)
Supplies Boom
Ceiling-mounted devices (booms) for utility and medical device organization.
Identification System, Blood Transfusion (1)
Identification System, Blood Transfusion
Blood transfusion ID systems for patients, samples and blood packs.
Image Intensifier (1)
Image Intensifier
A device which converts X-ray patterns into a visible image (Analogue).
Package Tester (1)
Package Tester
A device which performs a variety of leak and seal strength tests on flexible, rigid and porous materials. (Mainly against atmospheric contamination).
External Pacemaker Tester (1)
External Pacemaker Tester
A device which analyzes the output of external pacemakers.
Respiratory Volume Calibration Syringe (1)
Respiratory Volume Calibration Syringe
A large syringe, accurately calibrated, which serves as a calibration means in the process of calibration of respiration machines.
Medical Gas Supply Accessories (1)
Medical Gas Supply Accessories
Devices for performing gas concentration measurements, or lowering vapor and water drops contents in the flow of medical gas.
Ultrasound, Training (1)
Ultrasound, Training
Simulation based ultrasound training systems.
Accelerometer (1)
Device that measures the rate of change of an object's speed.
Microwave Radiation Detectors (1)
Microwave Radiation Detectors
Detector that provides a relative indication of microwave radiation leakage power.
Desiccating Medical Air Dryer (1)
Desiccating Medical Air Dryer
Medical-air dryer used to remove air moisture using dynamic desiccant adsorption techniques.
Field Strength Meter (1)
Field Strength Meter
Measuring instrument used to measure and display the power density field in a given range of frequencies.
Frequency Counter (1)
Frequency Counter
Measuring instrument used to measure electric signal frequency in one or more different ranges from a few hertz to several gigahertz.
Medical Gas Outlet (1)
Medical Gas Outlet
A medical gas outlet is an interface that gives a device access to a facility's gas delivery system.
Oscilloscope (1)
Electronic instrument that displays graphs of electric signals.
Isolated Power System (1)
Isolated Power System
Power systems used for general, nonspecialized power distribution where neither load conductors are directly grounded.
EEG Simulator (1)
EEG Simulator
Simulators that mimics the waveforms of brain electrical activity; they usually include a stored electronic analog circuit generator or digitally recorded signals.
Lung Simulator (1)
Lung Simulator
Respiration simulator that mimics the lungs by taking in and then expelling air.
Mercury Spill Kit (1)
Mercury Spill Kit
Prepackaged collection of equipment and supplies needed to cleanup/contain mercury spills/leaks.
Spirometer Calibration Syringe (1)
Spirometer Calibration Syringe
Syringe that conducts volume calibration of spirometers and pulmonary function analyzers.
Electrical Safety Testers (1)
Electrical Safety Testers
Tester that verifies the safety of electrically powered medical devices.
Medical Device Performance Tester (1)
Medical Device Performance Tester
Tester that utilizes together the capabilities of electrical safety testers and multiparameter medical device simulators.
Dialysate Tester (1)
Dialysate Tester
Tester that measures and display the main parameters of the dialysate used to remove metabolic products from the blood during hemodialysis procedures.
Electroencephalographic Electrode Tester (1)
Electroencephalographic Electrode Tester
Impedance tester that measures the impedance between the biopotential surface electrodes usually used in electroencephalography and the skin.
Defibrillator/Cardioverter Tester (1)
Defibrillator/Cardioverter Tester
Tester that assesses the performance of implantable cardioverter/defibrillators.
Medical Gas System Outlet Tester (1)
Medical Gas System Outlet Tester
Device that assesses the performance of the outlets in a medical gas system; they can measure, evaluate, display, and/or record a set of gas output characteristics.
Ventilator Tester (1)
Ventilator Tester
Tester that checkes the performance of ventilators.
Voltmeter (1)
Measuring instrument that measures the difference of electric potential between two points of an electric or electronic circuit, usually expressed in volts.
Medical Gas/Vacuum Valves (1)
Medical Gas/Vacuum Valves
A valve that is used to release gas or vacuum from a system or container.
Electronic Storage Recorder (1)
Electronic Storage Recorder
Recorder that stores information electronically in a solid state electronic memory.