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Haemonetics (Hong Kong) Ltd

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Location: China
Business Type: Supplier
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Haemonetics Shanghai

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Location: China
Business Type: Supplier
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Bar-Code Medication Administration (BCMA) System Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Bar-Code Medication Administration (BCMA) System is described as follows:
Bar-coded information system that builds safeguards in medicine administration by confirming at the point of care that administered medications suit the provider orders.
The above ads list companies that sell and / or service Bar-Code Medication Administration (BCMA) System.

Bar-Code Medication Administration (BCMA) System may also be referred to as:

Automated Identification System, Person/Asset/Pharmaceutical | Bar-Code Automated Medication Dispensing System | Bar-Code Point of Care (BPOC) System, Medication Administration | Bar-Code-Enabled Point-of-Care System, Medication Administration | Clinical Pharmacy Automation System | Clinical Pharmacy Computer System | Drug Dispenser | Drug Dispensing System | Drug Information System | Information System, Data Management, Bar-Code, Medication Administration | Infusion Pump Programming/Verification System | Medication Administration System, Bar-Code-Enabled | Medication Dispensing System | Medication Management System | Pharmaceutical Identification System | Pharmaceutical Security System | Pharmaceutical Tracking System | Pharmacy Computer System | Pharmacy Information System | Pharmacy Management System