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Location: Minsk Region, Belarus
Business Type: Supplier, Service Provider
Продажа, модернизация, ремонт медицинского оборудования
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Steam Sterilizer Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Steam Sterilizer is described as follows:
Steam sterilizing units for large quantities.
The above ads list companies that sell and / or service Steam Sterilizer.

Steam Sterilizer may also be referred to as:

Autoclave | Flash Sterilizing Unit | Flexible Endoscope Reprocessor, Automatic | Sterilizer, Steam | Sterilizer, Steam, Bulk | Sterilizing Unit, Flash | Sterilizing Unit, Steam, Bulk | Washer, Sterilizer | Washer-Sterilizer | Washer-Sterilizing Unit

Steam Sterilizer can be found under the following headings:

Clinical Laboratory | Dentistry & Dental Laboratory | Health Facility | Surgery | Hospital Engineering

Tips for buying Steam Sterilizer

  • To compare high cost alternatives and/or determine the economic value of a single alternative, facilities can use an LCC analysis. Buyers can use analysis techniques to examine the cost-effectiveness of leasing or renting steam sterilizer equipment versus purchasing it outright.
  • Steam sterilizer suppliers offer service contracts or service on a time-and-materials basis, and so do some third-party organizations. Facilities should carefully consider all the options.
  • Some of these steam sterilizer features affect the cost of autoclaves, including: method of air removal, controller options, and service contracts.
  • The prices of these washer-sterilizing units vary. The following features significantly contribute to the price: method of air removal, chamber size, doors - manual or power, controller options, auxiliary loading equipment, service contracts, trade-in equipment, delivery area, and freight charges.
  • To ensure that sterility is achieved, the flash sterilizing units should record time and temperature.
  • Steam sterilizers should have microprocessor controllers, which provide a more precise control and monitoring of sterilization cycles.
  • Steam sterilization should be performed in at least 121
  • Facilities should consider the following factors before making a steam sterilizer purchase: life-cycle cost, local service support, discount rates, non-price-related benefits offered by the washer-sterilizing unit supplier, and standardization with existing equipment in the facility.