Hematology & Serology - Medical Devices in Belarus

Medical Equipment Categories
Blood Gas Analyzer (1)
Blood Gas Analyzer
Blood gas/pH analyzers for laboratories.
Glycohemoglobin Analyzer (1)
Glycohemoglobin Analyzer
Laboratory and point-of-care analyzers that measure levels of glycohemoglobin in blood.
Hemodialysis Machine (1)
Hemodialysis Machine
Devices for hemodialysis.
Apheresis Machine (1)
Apheresis Machine
Automated units for blood component collection, separation, and reinfusion.
Plasma Extractor (1)
Plasma Extractor
A device designed to express blood components from blood collection bags.
Blood Donation Accessories (1)
Blood Donation Accessories
Equipment intended to assist blood donation, monitor the blood flow, and the total volume, as well as an aid for collecting the blood.
Apheresis Devices & Accessories (1)
Apheresis Devices & Accessories
The device and accessory instruments that draw blood from a donor and separate the blood to its components to be retained or returned to the donor.