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Location: Belarus
Business Type: Supplier
Официальный представитель в РБ компаний HEMOCUE AB Швеция, EUROTROL B.V. Нидерланды, OPTI MEDICAL SYSTEMS США, UTAS Украина, COVIDIEN LLC США
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Electrosurgical Unit Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Electrosurgical Unit is described as follows:
Monopolar and bipolar electrosurgical devices.
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Electrosurgical Unit may also be referred to as:

Bovie | Coagulator, Electrosurgical | Diathermy Unit | Diathermy Unit, Surgical | Electrosurgery Generator | Electrosurgery Unit | Electrosurgical Generator | Electrosurgical Unit, Argon-Enhanced Coagulation | Electrosurgical Unit, General Purpose | Endometrial Ablation System | ESU | Hyfrecator | Malis Coagulator | Surgical Diathermy | Surgical Unit

Tips for buying Electrosurgical Unit

  • Users who are considering which argon-enhanced coagulation system to purchase, should determine whether they wish to expand their current electrosurgical system with a compatible argon module or they get a new one with an integral argon unit.
  • There are numerous designs of electrosurgical units, and facilities should base their comparisons among devices according to characteristics, usefulness of features, safety, and reliability - all of these affect clinical performance.
  • Argon-enhanced units should have a flow range of 0 to 10 L/min, a tank capacity of more than 1,200 L (42 ft3), and a low-pressure alarm; the device should include an alarm capable of volumes higher than 45 dB at one meter.
  • Units should include the following: a return electrode contact quality monitor, independent output, visual and audible activation indicators, alarm capable of volumes higher than 45 dB at one meter, power-setting display and convection or fan cooling system.
  • For coagulation, the output and open circuit voltage should not exceed 120 W and 6,000 peak-to-peak volts, respectively. Bipolar mode should use no more than 50 W and 300 peak-to-peak volts.
  • The output power for monopolar cutting should not exceed 300 W, and the open circuit voltage should not exceed 2,000 peak-to-peak volts; these values apply in general-purpose use.
  • These units should come with a solid-state generator, with a typical frequency range of 0.3 to 1 MHz. They should have an isolated monopolar output, a hand switch, a footswitch, and bipolar output.