Dentistry & Dental Laboratory - Medical Devices in Belarus

Medical Equipment Categories
Electrosurgical Unit (1)
Electrosurgical Unit
Monopolar and bipolar electrosurgical devices.
Patient Monitor (1)
Patient Monitor
Physiologic monitoring systems that detect and display ECG's, respiratory rate, non-invasive and invasive blood pressure, body temperature, airway gas concentrations, and others.
Steam Sterilizer (1)
Steam Sterilizer
Steam sterilizing units for large quantities.
Power Exam Table (1)
Power Exam Table
Treatment and examination tables with height and position adjustments.
Dental Laser (1)
Dental Laser
Argon lasers used for dental treatment of soft tissue. Carbon dioxide lasers used for dental procedures. Er:YAG lasers for dental procedures involving hard tissue. ErCr:YSGG lasers used for dental procedures. Excimer lasers used for dental procedures. Ho:YAG lasers used for dental procedures. Diode lasers for soft tissue cutting
Panoramic Dental X-ray (1)
Panoramic Dental X-ray
A dental panoramic cephalometric X-ray unit, that uses X-ray film for image capturing.
Dental Analgesia Unit (1)
Dental Analgesia Unit
Analgesia units which alleviate pain through patient inhalation of a mixture of gases.
Jaw Exerciser (1)
Jaw Exerciser
Exerciser that manually improves the range of motion around the jaw articulation by stretching the jaw muscles.
Drug Delivery Iontophoresis Unit (1)
Drug Delivery Iontophoresis Unit
Device for minimum-access treatment of diseases by introduction of soluble drug ions into the body through an electric current.