Nuclear Medicine - Medical Devices in Australia

Medical Equipment Categories
Sharps Disposal Unit (12)
Sharps Disposal Unit
Puncture-resistant container used to dispose sharp objects used in medical treatment and procedures.
Radiological Picture Archiving and Communication System (7)
Radiological Picture Archiving and Communication System
Picture archiving and communication system that stores and takes digital images from radiographic and other digital-imaging systems, as well as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound.
Cardiology Picture Archiving and Communication System (CPACS) (5)
Cardiology Picture Archiving and Communication System (CPACS)
Picture archiving and communication system that stores and retrieves digital images from cardiac catheterization laboratories and other cardiac digital imaging systems.
Teleradiology System (5)
Teleradiology System
Telemedicine information system that electronically submits and receives radiologic images and consultative text to and from one or more remote sites.
PACS Workstation (4)
PACS Workstation
Workstation that processes and stores digital images and data taken by one or more diagnostic imaging systems, as well as computed radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound scanners
Injection Needle (3)
Injection Needle
Needle that injects fluid under the skin and/or other soft tissues.
PET/CT (2)
Computed Tomography Positron Emission Tomography (PET/CT) scanning systems generate PET and CT images of a patient in a single study.
Plunger Syringe (2)
Plunger Syringe
Plunger syringe that injects dye, usually into veins or arteries, for imaging procedures such as CT, MRI, radiographic angiography or some ultrasound procedures.
Beta/Gamma Radiation Detector (2)
Beta/Gamma Radiation Detector
Detector used to locate and record beta/gamma radiation emissions mainly from the human body after the injection or ingestion of a radiopharmaceutical.
Radiation Counter (1)
Radiation Counter
An instrument used for detecting or measuring nuclear radiation by counting the resultant ionizing events.
Radiation Detector (1)
Radiation Detector
Radiation meters using ionization chamber (dosimetry).
Thyroid Uptake System (1)
Thyroid Uptake System
Thyroid uptake systems, to assess thyroid activity by measuring radioactive iodine.
PACS (1)
PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) for collecting, storing and retrieving patient images and data.
Radioisotope Calibrator (1)
Radioisotope Calibrator
Calibrators for measuring radiopharmaceutical ionization production.
Gamma Probe (1)
Gamma Probe
Isotope activity detector monitor.
SPECT / CT (1)
Combined SPECT and X-ray CT systems which are capable of achieving physiological images with improved special resolution.
Radiation Protection Door (1)
Radiation Protection Door
A door with radiation protection properties that prevent radiation exposure.
Radiation Protection Window (1)
Radiation Protection Window
A window with radiation protection properties that prevent radiation exposure.
Waste-Disposal Unit, Scintillation Vial (1)
Waste-Disposal Unit, Scintillation Vial
A waste management unit for the safe disposal of radioactive waste.
Radioactive Waste Receptacle (1)
Radioactive Waste Receptacle
Waste receptacle that collects and stores radioactive materials.
Thyroid Function Nuclear Medicine Study Software (1)
Thyroid Function Nuclear Medicine Study Software
Nuclear medicine study software that takes, processes, and archives data and images taken during studies of the thyroid gland
Radiopharmaceutical Calibrator (1)
Radiopharmaceutical Calibrator
Calibrator used to detect and measure the amount of ionization produced by a radionuclide in either curies or becquerels.
Scintillation Counter (1)
Scintillation Counter
Radiation counter that measures gamma radiation in non imaging nuclear medicine procedures.
Ionizing Radiation Monitor (1)
Ionizing Radiation Monitor
Environmental monitor designed to continuously detect and display data on alpha, beta, gamma, and/or x-ray radiation.
Radiation Survey Meter (1)
Radiation Survey Meter
A portable device to measure the intensity of nuclear radiation in a given region.
Gamma Camera/ SPET Workstation (1)
Gamma Camera/ SPET Workstation
Workstation used to process digital data and images taken by gamma camera scanning systems that may use single photon emission tomography.
Gamma Radiation Detection Probe (1)
Gamma Radiation Detection Probe
Probe primarily designed to detect targeted gamma radiation emissions from the human body after the ingestion or injection of a radiopharmaceutical tracer.
Transcranial Ultrasonic Blood Flowmeter (1)
Transcranial Ultrasonic Blood Flowmeter
Flowmeter for non-invasive calculations of blood flow in the main brain arteries.
Skull Clamp (1)
Skull Clamp
A device used to clamp the patient's skull to hold head and neck in a particular position during surgical procedures.
Reciprocating Bone Saw, Electric (1)
Reciprocating Bone Saw, Electric
Electric surgical saw used to cut bone and other hard tissue with a serrated blade that spins at a very high speed perpendicular to the axis of the machine without full rotation.