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Location: Australia
Business Type: Supplier
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Diamond Consortium

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Location: Australia
Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
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Global Veterinary Products

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Location: Australia
Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
Global Veterinary Products is a supplier to veterinary and pet distributors around the world and can help these businesses with exclusive and unique products and a select range of everyday consumables. Quality products, very competitive prices and a...
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Intravenous Line Connector Description:

In the MedWOW’s catalog, Intravenous Line Connector is described as follows:
Intravenous line connector that gives access to an IV infusion set or catheter port from a needleless mechanism.
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Intravenous Line Connector may also be referred to as:

Needleless Intravenous Line Connector | Needlestick Prevention Device | Sharps Injury Prevention Device