Environmental Medicine - Medical Devices in Australia

Medical Equipment Categories
Air Sampler (6)
Air Sampler
Device that used to obtain air samples.
Gas Air-Purifying Respirator (3)
Gas Air-Purifying Respirator
Air-purifying respirator protects the wearer from inhaling external gases and/or vapors.
Particulate Air-Purifying Respirator (3)
Particulate Air-Purifying Respirator
Air-purifying respirator prevents the wearer from inhaling airborne particulates, including dusts, mists, fumes, and some bacteria.
Air-Supplying Respirator (2)
Air-Supplying Respirator
Air-supplying respirator protects the wearer from inhaling airborne particles, gases, and/or vapors by supplying air from a stationary compressed air source.
Mercury Spill Kit (1)
Mercury Spill Kit
Prepackaged collection of equipment and supplies needed to cleanup/contain mercury spills/leaks.
Ear Muffs (1)
Ear Muffs
Ear Occluders
Waste-Disposal Unit, Scintillation Vial (1)
Waste-Disposal Unit, Scintillation Vial
A waste management unit for the safe disposal of radioactive waste.
Radioactive Waste Receptacle (1)
Radioactive Waste Receptacle
Waste receptacle that collects and stores radioactive materials.
Waste-Disposal Unit, Glass Crushing (1)
Waste-Disposal Unit, Glass Crushing
Waste-disposal unit specially designed for destroying glassware before disposal.
Biological/Chemical Agent Protection Respirator (1)
Biological/Chemical Agent Protection Respirator
Air-purifying respirator that stops the wearer from breathing chemical and/or biological agents or radioactive materials.
Ionizing Radiation Monitor (1)
Ionizing Radiation Monitor
Environmental monitor designed to continuously detect and display data on alpha, beta, gamma, and/or x-ray radiation.