Alternative Medicine - Medical Devices in Afghanistan

Medical Equipment Categories
Electromagnetic Therapy Device (1)
Electromagnetic Therapy Device
Electromagnetic therapy devices use electromagnetic energy to diagnose or treat diseases. Alternative medicine providers may offer low-voltage electricity, magnetic fields, radio waves, or other types of electromagnetic energy generated by electric current for this purpose.
Acupuncture Laser (1)
Acupuncture Laser
The device makes acupuncture point bio-stimulation safer by narrowing the laser focus to pinpoint accuracy.
Iris Imaging System (1)
Iris Imaging System
A digital camera, custom designed for effective imaging of the iris. Usually used in iridiology diagnosis and treatment.
Magnifying Lamps Accessory for Massage Table (1)
Magnifying Lamps Accessory for Massage Table
A magnifying glass fitted with a light, that attaches to the massage table.